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Homeopathic 'Overdosers' Support the British Medical Association

July 04 2010

In light of the British Medical Association adding their voices to the growing calls for the removal of homeopathy from the NHS, the Merseyside Skeptics Society '10:23 Campaign' have today spoken in support of the BMA and their decision.

The motions - passed by an overwhelming majority - call for the end to commissioning and funding for homeopathic remedies and homeopathic hospitals in the NHS, the cessation of homeopathy training placements within the NHS, and the removal of homeopathic remedies from the shelves of UK pharmacies.

A spokesman for the 10:23 Campaign said: "The motions the BMA have passed directly represent and reflect the goals and aims of the 10:23 Campaign, and as such we are delighted to see the BMA taking this action.

"The BMA's support further adds to that of the Science and Technology Committee, the Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland, the many MPs behind our cause and the thousands of people outraged by the government squandering of resources on this implausible and deeply flawed modality.

"The next few months promise to be a hugely exciting and significant time in the fight to remove homeopathy from the NHS and from the shelves of our most trusted and respected pharmacies".

With the recent announcement from BUPA that, in light of the BMA's position on homeopathy, the company intend to address their current practice of covering homeopathic remedies in their healthcare policies, the 10:23 Campaign calls for the government to follow the reccommendations of their own experts and rid the NHS of this unproven and unscientific modality.

"It's time for the government to intervene and stop the legitimising of this quackery. The doctors agree, the government's experts agree, the pharmacists agree and the people agree - it's time for the governemnt to act", the spokesman added.

Given the BMA's motion to remove homeopathic products from pharmacy shelves, or to clearly label them as ineffective placebo, the 10:23 Campaign reiterates their apppeal to Boots pharmacy to adhere to their own standards of ethics and responsibility, and cease the sale of these ineffective and misleading products.

In January this year, the 10:23 Campaign organised for almost 400 activists across the country to take homeopathic 'overdoses' outside of Boots pharmacies in protest of the chain's stocking of homeopathic remedies, in the first annual anti-homeopathy 'overdose' event. A follow-up event is scheduled for 2011.